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Red Deer storage made easy

Get Handy Moving Tips in Red Deer from Red Deer Store-It

If you have an upcoming move you know it is a stressful time. You want to make sure all of your belongings get from here to there safely and securely. That is why we offer the following moving tips for our customers:

  • Use the same size boxes when possible. It will help use the storage space more efficiently.
  • Use towels and linens for packaging breakables
  • Put the items you are not going to need in the back of the storage unit, and items you might need at the front
  • Do not store food. This attracts rodents.
  • Check with your insurance company to make sure your contents are covered.
  • Remember to contact utilities for change of address
  • When disassembling furniture, tape loose parts & hardware together.
  • Place blankets around or between furniture.
  • Garbage cans work well for storing rakes, shovels, etc.
  • Motorized items such as lawnmowers and snow blowers should have plastic or cardboard placed under them in case of leaks.
  • Label boxes for easier identification
On-site Owners For Your Security
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