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Red Deer storage made easy

Get Boxes and More for Moving in Central Alberta

Making a move, whether across town or a across the country, is a big deal. That is why Red Deer Store-It is here to help with all the moving supplies you need. We sell boxes, newsprint, tape, mattress bags, and more. If we don’t have it, just ask and we will help you find a solution!

2 Cube $2.50
Bundle of 10 2 Cube $22.50
4 Cube $4.25
Bundle of 10 4 Cube $38.25
6 Cube $5.65

Bundle of 10 6 Cube $50.85

Pad Lock $12.00

Twin Mattress Bag (2) $5.25

Queen Mattress Bag $6.75

Sofa Bag $8.90

Chair Bag (2) $5.50

Packing Tape $2.25

Packing Paper 10lb box $15.25
Tape Dispenser Gun $12.75
Hand Stretch Wrap 5" $13.65
Utility Knife$2.10
Fragile Labels (25pk)$2.10

*We offer this as a general guideline:

5 x 8
Suitable for storing toys, boxes, skis, yard tools, bikes, etc.

10 x 10
Suitable for a 1-2 bedroom apartment would not include appliances.

10 x 20
Suitable for the contents of an average 3 bedroom home with appliances.

10 x 30
Suitable for a 4-5 bedroom house with appliances.

We recommend a site visit, to verify the chosen unit size will accommodate all contents.

Come visit us and see what we are about
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